A hero from ages past. Once emperor of the Eastern Empire now gone with out warning and lost to the world.


Thousands of years ago a band of adventures set out to stop a plan to overthrow the God’s. Sand was one of these adventures. Having died in an alternate time line the God’s sent Sand back in time to the current reality to stop the plan that was set into motion. After finding his companions and starting the journey things began to change. When it was all said and done the adventures betrayed the God’s because they did not agree with the way the situation had been handled and how they were manipulated. With this new plan in place moments after “saving” the Gods Sand defeated Virgil and pushed him into a magical portal known as the the Soul Forge. Anything that entered the Soul Forge was destroyed and the life energy could then be used to create or destroy. With the forge running with the energy of a God like being the adventures sealed off the God’s to the material plane, two of them becoming God’s themselves to fill the void. In addition to sealing away the old God’s Sand destroyed the magical item that allowed for the entire adventure to begin, sealing the time line and insuring that it could not be tampered with again, Sand also decided that with the remaining power that they would use it to destroy the Soul forge so it could not be used against them or cause any harm in the future.

When the battle was over Sand started to fight to unite the broken and waring factions of the world. He quickly was able to secure followers and became a hero to the people who he fought for. Sand watched over the lands he helped unite for thousands years become the emperor of the Eastern Empire. Suddenly one day he disappeared leaving only a note behind saying that a new threat was awakening and that he had to go stand guard to protect the world from being devoured. No one has heard from or seen Sand after his disappearance.

Soon after he left a masked man calling himself Aoth arrived and quickly claimed the throne through force and a new age of leadership in the Eastern Empire began.


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