Shatter Dale Mask

A odd mask seeming to be created out of some sort of bone.


If worn the mask at this time grants a +1 bonus to all attack rolls, damage, and defenses. In addition it gives a +2 to perception and insight and grants Darkvision.

The negative side effects of wearing this item are unknown at this time.


First discovered by the part in a ancient tomb. You attempted to retrieve the mask before an agent of Aoth Derbar did. Unfortunatly the agent reached it first. You were able to slay the enemy but before you were able to claim the mask Desperaux Aimsarrived and took possession of it, giving you treasure as compensation.

Months later Desperaux Aimscontacted you and offered you the mask for a favor. You completed the task, relocating Crowley Suraleto a new holding location. Once completed Desperaux Aims handed the mask over but warned you to never put it on, that the side effects were unknown but were most likely not a good thing considering Aoth Derbar and his elite generals wear similar masks.

Shatter Dale Mask

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