Sanity Points

Sanity in the World of Athenoths

In 3.5 there was a rule to apply that had to deal with magic and your characters sanity. I feel that this aspect would add a lot to the game and make things more interesting so there is going to be a house rule that deals with this.

This rule will affect mainly divine, psionic, and arcane characters but will also have some affect on primal and martial characters.

How to Calculate your Sanity

Everyone will have a number much like your HP to judge your sanity. To calculate this number you will need to look at your stats. Your sanity will be based off of one of your ability scores. You can choose from either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. For divine, psionic, and arcane characters you will use the one that you use for your attacks. For example a sorcerer uses Charisma for most attacks so they would use their charisma stat to figure out their sanity. Martial and Primal characters will be able to choose which one of these three stats they wish to use for sanity.

Everyone will start off with a base sanity of 10 + half lvl.

You then add your mod for your stat for every lvl you gain.

so sanity = 10 + half lvl + stat mod per lvl

How to Loose your Sanity Points

For the classes that are divine, psionic, and arcane you will lose sanity for casting your more powerful spells and by casting rituals in certain manners. The reason for this is that you are attempting to control powerful energies through force of will. For arcane users you are pulling a powerful energy from the weave and shaping it to your will. Divine characters are focusing the powers of their Deities. Psionic classes are using the power locked in their mind.

Because of the amount of pressure this will be putting on your character when you use a Daily power you will roll 1d4 to determine the amount of damage you take to your sanity.

When casting a ritual as intended (following the rules in the books) there will be no consiquence on your sanity. However there my be instances where you decide that a ritual needs to be cast quickly or you do not have enough resources to cast it. In these situations you can sacrifice some of your sanity to complete the ritual.

  • Decrease casting time by 1/4 = 1d8 sanity damage
  • Decrease casting time by 1/2 = 2d8 sanity damage
  • Decrease casting time by 3/4 = 4d8 sanity damage
  • Cast the Ritual Instantly = 3d12 sanity damage
  • Decrease casting cost by 1/4 = 1d8 sanity damage
  • Decrease casting cost by 1/2 = 2d8 sanity damage
  • Decrease casting cost by 3/4 = 4d8 sanity damage
  • Cast the Ritual for “free” = 3d12 sanity damage

-You can use both a time and cost reduction for the same ritual if desired but will have to roll all damage. Example: decrease casting time and cost by 1/4. roll 2d8 sanity damage total.

Regaining Sanity Points

You will be able to regain your sanity points in a few different ways.

  • Taking a extended rest will allow you to roll 1d8 and regain that many sanity points.
  • You spend a healing surge/second wind roll 1d4 and regain that many sanity points.
  • Finding magic items or potions that allow you to regain some sanity points.

-You cannot exceed your base sanity score so if you are already at your max for your lvl you cannot go higher.

What happens if my sanity reaches 0?

If your sanity reaches 0 you will be randomly givin, based on a %d roll, one of the following conditions indefinitely. (This table comes from the 3.5 rules based on sanity.)

Indefinitely Insanity

d% Mental Disorder Type

01–25 Anxiety (includes severe phobias)

26–45 Dissociative (amnesia, multiple personalities)

46–60 Impulse control (compulsions)

61–70 Psychospecies (you think you are a different creature – example: you think you are a vampire)

71–85 Schizophrenia/psychotic (delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, catatonia)

86–95 Sleep (night terrors, sleepwalking)

96–100 Other/Your choice

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Sanity Points

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