The Ancients

As time went on the races started to flourish. Out of all the races the humans seemed to flourish the quickest. They learned how to harness the power of the arcane and harnessed it into a variety of uses. They developed massive cities powered by arcane power and started heavily researching how to manipulate and create using the power of arcane. Over time they became more powerful and more advanced. Eventually they reached a peak in their civilization but wanted more. They started to look deeper into the stories about the creation of the world and the Soul Forge.

This group of humans known as the Ancients decided that they deserved the right to use the Soul Forge and to create a Celestia of their own where they could become beings similar to the Gods. They felt it was their birthright, and if the gods stood in their way they would cast them aside. In their opinion the humans were the pinnacle of society and nothing could stand in their way. They had superior forces and better technology than the other races that inhabited the material plane.

In the forests of the material plane resided the Aviril. They were not as “developed” as the humans but, what they lacked in technology they made up for in ferocity. They believed in balance and devoted themselves to maintaining that balance. As the plan of the Ancients became fully realized it is said that Al’ar informed the Aviril and asked them to stand strong and defy the Ancients.
Without hesitations the Aviril started striking out against the Ancients and war was started. It seemed as if the Aviril were always just one step ahead of the Ancients and were able to severely hinder the advancements of the Ancients. This only caused the Ancients to focus on ways to completely eradicate the Aviril. This dedication spurred on multiple experiments. From these experiments came the race known today as the Dragonborn. Also created was a multitude of artifacts that are rumored to posses massive power, one of which allowed for the Rising to happen many years into the future.

As the war between the humans and the Aviril a strike force emerged on the side of the Ancients that seemed almost un-killable. At the head of this force was a man named Virgil Surale. He led his troops into battle with a smile on his face and never backed down. Some of the ruins of the Ancient civilization still contain murals of his leading his force against the Aviril. On one of his single missions Virgil was severely out numbered and fell in battle to what was considered an equivalent strike force to his own. He went down swinging and only the leader of the small force sent to kill him walked away from the battlefield alive. But even death could not stop the man who devoted everything to the defense of his people. Instead of walking towards the darkness, Virgil turned and walked back into the world of the living. This is the first case of a Revenant entering the world, the first person to ever truly defy Morgana. Once again alive Virgil caught up to the Aviril who slew him and promptly returned the favor. He then continued to the nearest Aviril village and burned it to the ground.

Upon returning to his home city Virgil was denied entrance. The ancients said he was no longer one of them and he was not seen fit to be part of their grand designs and sit beside them in Celestia when they finally reached it. Little did the Ancients know they had just caused their own defeat.

Cast out Virgil sought a way to prove the Ancients wrong, to find a way to get his revenge. What happens next is hard to tell, for there are two versions of happened and no one is really sure what happened. However, this is what is most commonly accepted. Virgil now filled with rage against both the Aviril and the Ancients he set out to find a way to reach Celestia and take a spot as a god by force. It is said that he found his way into Celestia undetected due to his unique nature and proceeded to kill the deity of the shadows. From there hungry for more power he claimed the lives, and seats, of more of the gods. He quickly gathered enough power that the other gods didn’t dare stand in his way and accepted him as one of them and he vowed to stop the people he was once a part of to make them pay.

With Virgil no longer heading up the battle plans the Ancients began to lose more and land to the Aviril. Eventually they were pushed back to just their capital city where they had devised a weapon that should have wiped out the entire race of the Aviril thus granting them victory. The weapon was not perfected and there was significant risk in using it. At this point there was no options left, the Aviril were at their doorstep. During this time they had no clue that Virgil had secured a seat of power in Celestia.

As the final battle began the Ancients started up their last hope of victory over the Aviril. As the weapon began to pull in an immense amount of arcane energy Virgil forced Mabier to directly interfere with the arcane energy that was being used. Virgil also used his new found powers to further manipulate the forces gathering in the Ancient’s capital and flooded it with shadow energy. Suddenly there was a large flash of light and the entire city disappeared and left in its place was a large chasm with no sign of the once grand civilization. As this event transpired it is also said that the weave of magic was ripped from the world and rearranged as if its controller was writhing in pain and could not control the energy that was connected to him. This is considered the first time that Ioath stepped in and punished one of his deities for breaking the rules that had been established.

With the main forces of the Ancients wiped out the humans scattered across the world and slowly began to set up new civilization, excepting defeat. Over the years much of the documents and knowledge that allowed the Ancients to become powerful was lost and a balance was restored. Ruins can still be found throughout the world, some possibly still containing artifacts of power sealed within them.

The Ancients

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