The Rising

After the fall of the Ancients civilization began to rebuild itself. New settlements were built. These settlements grew into cities and these cities grew into kingdoms. These kingdoms didn’t rival the grandness or size of that once set up by the Ancients but they were more than adequate for the people to thrive. As time went on civilization went through the natural cycles of growth. Wars were fought, alliances were made, and eventually things started to settle down.

Around 8,000 years after the fall of the Ancients peace had seemed to settle across Athenoths. This peace soon came to an end and changed the face of Athenoths to what is known today. It is said that a threat from a different time line, or from an alternative future, traveled to Athenoths via means of a magical artifact known as the Orb of Second Chances. Unknown to original traveler’s one person followed them back in order to try and stop them as he had in their original time line. Unfortunately because he stood in the way during the original time line he was near death when he used Orb of Second Chances. This weakened state destroyed his body and many of this original memories, he appeared remade as a Revenant lost and confused in the deserts of Athenoths. Eventually not knowing who he was he stated going by the name of Sand.

Once this new treat arrived they began to set into motion a plan that would give them access to Celestia and kill the Old Gods and take their place. Realizing the threat but unable to directly involve themselves the Gods devised a plan to save their skin. Out of all the Gods only one of them, Virgil, could have direct contact with their chosen individuals due to a loophole in the original rules set up by Ioath. Virgil established contact and set the chosen individuals on their way to stop the new threat. These chosen individuals were Wylin Aims, Joe Silverwing, Peren Regelar, Kinch Mulligan, and his faithful dog companion Spanky.

Virgil sent them out on a quest after quest to help prepare them for stopping the new threat to the world. These quests led them on a confusing path of trying to figure out what was really going on and who was the real threat. With the guidance of Virgil they were led to a weapon armory left by the Ancients where they acquired unique weapons. They were then sent on a quest to acquire an object known as The Chalice of Shadows. The goal was to retrieve it before the threat to the gods could. By drinking from the chalice someone could receive powers of a shade, currently there was not enough power left in the chalice to perform a full transformation. The heroes learned that one of their adversaries had undergone a partial shade transformation already and acquiring the chalice would make him even more powerful.

Determined to prevent this, the heroes set out to the coordinates to a portal given to them by Virgil that would take them to the location of the Chalice of Shadows. As they raced to the dwarven settlement that contained the closest entrance to the portal they encountered their enemies for the first time. They tried to outrun the pursuing force but were outmatched in skill and resources. As the enemies closed in they realized it was like looking in a mirror, approaching them seemed to be older copies of themselves. Remembering parts of his past life Sand decided to take a stand against his former mentors to give the others a chance to get away. Making a final stand he called upon his former god Mabier to lend him power. Suddenly arcane energy seemed to pour out of the heavens and the earth itself and flowed into Sand. He then released it against the enemies. It erupted in a blinding flash as it engulfed the surrounding area, at the same time a scream seemed to emanate from the heavens. As the scream reverberated throughout the sky people everywhere watched as the arcane weave seemed to rise into the air and start snapping and splintering. Anyone attuned to the arcane energies could feel as the power was ripped from their beings. Some people attempted to hand on to this energy and were torn apart as the arcane energy was forced from their body.

As the arcane energy blast from Sand diminished the enemies were gone, however the ground seemed to open up underneath Sand and arms reached out from within and pulled Sand down. Not knowing what they could do for their lost companion the Heroes continued on to the dwarven settlement to rest and figure out their next move.

Meanwhile, Sand awake surrounded in a strange place surrounded by an army of devils. Shortly after he awoke a human looking man approached him and told him that he was a very important bargaining chip in the days to come. Sand was told that he was a vessel due to the fact that he was a Revenant and did not possess a soul. This allows for the power, or soul, of the gods to be transferred into him once one has been killed. Without a vessel or some way to harness the power it would just eventually reform into the original god that it belonged to. The future versions of the Heroes needed a vessel and he planned on “selling” Sand in order to get what he wanted. The man then left Sand and disappeared.

Shortly after that Virgil appeared out of thin air and slew the guards protecting Sand. With the guards dispatched he gave Sand two options. Virgil could either send him back to his original time line and his old life not to remember anything that has happened, or he could remain in this time line as a revenant and continue to aid the heroes trying to stop the different versions of themselves. Sand chose to remain in this time line. Virgil then used his abilities to transport them to the room that the heroes were renting out to rest and get ready for their next move.

Virgilexplained that due to a sacrifice by Mabier Sand was able to use a mass flux of arcane energy to seal away the alternative versions of the heroes in an extrademensinal prison, unfortunately it most likely would not hold them for long so they had to move fast. Virgil also explained that due to the punishment dealt to Mabier by Ioath caused for a shift in the arcane weave, and that is why mages are having difficulty using arcane energy. Virgil then gave Joe insight on how to manipulate this new form or arcane energy so he could continue to use his powers effectively. Shaken but agreeing the party of potential heroes set out to the portal to find the Chalice of Shadows.

They reached the portal without problem and entered. This brought them to what appeared to be ruins of a city similar to design of buildings built by the Ancients. As they looked around it appeared as if the city was floating throughout the plane, drifting along. As they looked out in the distance they saw what appeared to be massive statues of human like beings chained to thrones. Suddenly the heroes were surrounded by shadowy beings and one of them that stated to talk to them. This being claimed that they were a group of Ancients that have been locked away doomed to travel the planes by Virgil after he betrayed them. He went on to explain that Virgil was not as he seemed and that he was not really a god, that he made a deal with some of the gods to take their place and use their powers for some unknown reason. He knew that the heroes came for the Chalice of Shadows and that he would make a deal. He would hand over the chalice but the heroes would have to betray Virgil and find a way to return them to the material plane, in addition to the chalice he said they would aid them in the upcoming battle with their alternative selves. Not wanting to take the risk of angering Virgil the heroes decided to strike out and take the Chalice of Shadows by force.

Their plan did not work out as planned and were quickly overpowered by the superior numbers of their enemy. They were knocked unconscious and then locked away in a prison cell. They were able to escape and began looking for a way to escape from the city and find the chalice. Not realizing how large the city was they started to randomly search for the chalice and a portal out. By luck they stumbled upon a group of enemies that were going to secure the portal out. They followed them as stealthily as possible and discovered that the treasury was located in the same area as the portal. They found a way into the building undetected and found the chalice as well as an ancient device that gave them an influx of experience and power. Without hesitation Wylin drank from the Chalice of Shadows and a partial transformation to a shade began. With this new energy they overpowered the guards at the portal and retreated back to the material plane.

Back on the material plane Virgil instructed them that their next move should be to find the Soul Forge and gave them coordinates to a portal that would be close by. As Virgil departed the heroes received a sending from an old acquaintance that his city was under attack from devils and that they needed assistance as soon as possible. They decided that they would quickly use a portal to reach the city and help then go to the forge. Upon arrival at the city they found it in chaos and destruction. Upon finding the devastation they quickly headed for the temple of Solaris where their contact said the main battle was taking place.

As they entered the temple they found the main priestess battling with a human looking man, the same one that Sand spoke to in hell. Deciding to help fend off the treat they joined the battle. As they started to deal damage to the being it almost seemed like his body started to break and unleash a more demonic figure contained within. Mocking them he claimed that even if they killed him the town would still be destroyed, that a ritual was already in process across the city that would complete the first step in opening a portal that would allow the Leviathan entrance to the material plane. After hearing this the heroes raced to find the ritual site before it was completed and the city was reduced to rubble from the opening of a demonic portal.

Not knowing how much time they had the heroes stormed the ritual area and tried to interrupt the ritual. They attacked devils manipulating the arcane energy to create the portal and were able to slay them. As they attacked the final mages they could feel the energy building in the area. As the last mage fell Virgil appeared and a bright light surrounded the heroes. Before they realized what had happened they were miles from the city and watched as an archway seemed to rise out of the ground. As it started to arch over the lake next to the town it stopped short from reaching the top, it appeared as if they stopped the portal from being fully created but not soon enough to save the town. A pissed off Vigil told the heroes that they did not have time to go handle situations that are not involved with the situation with their alternative selves, that they needed to leave now to find the Soul Forge. With no other options available they opened a portal and went to the coordinates provided.

After fighting some of the local monsters the adventures were able to locate the Soul Forge. Upon finding it the met an angel who said he was the protector of the forge. He explained how the forge worked and gave them some orbs that could absorb the essence of recently vanquished foes to use in the forge. After a mentally stressful encounter in the woods of being feasted upon multiple times by a Soul Devourer Kinch’s sanity was suffering. As the group was talking with the angel Kinch thought that it would be a great idea to push the angel into the forge and use his power to further their own power. The others not thinking that this was the best idea and quickly escorted Kinch out of the forge as a safety measure.

Setting out to find prey for the forge the heroes came into contact with a settlement of Yuan-ti. They quickly devised a plan and were able to infiltrate the settlement and trick the Yuan-ti on thinking that they were priests of their religion and that they could lead them to the great beyond. Surprisingly through the use of magic and a smooth talking bard the group pulled off the feat and led the Yuan-ti to the soul forged and marched them into it. They used the Yuan-ti to gain experience and power then set back out to find dragons that lived on the island. After exploring the mountains they were able to locate an Ancient Gold Dragon. They were able to convince him to aid them find the necessary energy by having them assist in the slaying of a group of chromatic dragons. By slaying the chromatic dragons the heroes would have access to their energy once slain thus, benefiting both parties.

Upon slaying the chromatic dragons the heroes used the orbs to gather their essence and headed back to the forge. On the way they encountered a familiar face. Waiting for them was the human like entity Sand had meet in Hell. He greeted them and had a feast set out for them. Wary the heroes started talking with him. He congratulated them on stopping his plans from opening a portal to allow the Leviathan entry to the material plane. He then explained that he could help them by giving them some of his minions to sacrifice to the forge, in exchange they would change the laws set up by Ioath that prevented the Leviathan from entrance to the material plane. The devil explained that eventually he would find a way to allow the Leviathan entrance to the material plane and that by helping him now he could help them defeat their enemies and get what they deserve. The heroes declined the offer and the devil vanished and didn’t interfere again.

Using the energy gathered from the dragons the heroes used it to create an army to stand against any arm that might have been amassed by their alternative selves as well as a mass influx of power to be able to fight. Once done Virgil appeared and told them the assault on celestia had begun and transported them to the battle field to stop it. When they arrived they found their alternative selves preparing to walk up a spiral stair case that seemed to reach up into the sky. Deciding that they had seen this through so far they engaged in battle to stop their alternative selves.

Upon victory the heroes acquired the Orb of Second Chances from there alternative selves. Upon quick analysis they realized that it could be used similarly to the orbs they used to hold the energy for the Soul Forge. As a group they decided that they did not trust Virgil and the other gods so they absorbed the energy from their vanquished foes and quickly opened a portal back to the Soul Forge. Once there they quickly threw the Orb of Second Chances into the forge. As they did Virgil appeared, as he did Sand used part of the energy to make it so that a Revenant could no longer be a vessel to divine energy. This stripped him of his godly powers. In anger he charged Sand who stood at the entrance of the forge, this rash attack gave sand an opening where he supposedly pushed Virgil into the forge.

From here they decided that they were done dealing with the manipulative gods. With part of the power left in the forge they sealed away celestia. Kinch demanded to be a god and Joe stepped up to be a god as well to help keep Kinch in check. With this the two new gods were created with their own version of celestia to watch over Athenoths. In addition to making two of the members gods Sand used the power of the Soul Forge to seal off the time line so no other fiasco such as this one could happen again. Then deciding that the forge was too much power to leave around for anyone to find and use the heroes used the remaining power to seal off and destroy the abilities of the forge.

With a new dawn approaching Joe and Kinch took their place as gods. Peren decided to return to the forest he grew up in as a child and protect it from any kind of disturbances. Wylin disappeared for a time and is said to have traveled to the Shadowfell where he mastered his shade abilities. Sand set out to help rebuild the war torn settlements across Athenoths and eventually became the king of what is known as the Eastern Empire

The Rising

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